Project description
Details of the AMIRE project




The AMIRE project is an AR project sponsored by EU IST-Programme. The goal of AMIRE is an efficient creation and modification of mixed reality (MR) applications. The Amire project will develop:

  • best practice examples interface specifications
  • MR gems
  • MR components
  • MR frameworks
  • dedicated MR authoring metaphors together with generic design recommendations and procedures

Furthermore, authoring tools will be developed in order to efficiently use MR in applications, to conceive new MR methodologies and exploit synergies when combining MR technologies in the AMIRE framework, and to establish authoring as a new application domain for MR. The framework is based on ARToolKit.

Two demonstrators (a training application for an oil refinery and a museum application together with MR authoring tools) will be implemented. The first by a group of experts in order to derive an initial version of AMIRE, the second by a consulting company as a kind of experiment in a business scenario setting that will seamlessly lead to an exploitation of AMIRE.


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