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amire::common::Image Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for amire::common::Image:

amire::common::Updateable amire::common::ProjectionVideoImage amire::common::ARToolKitVideoImage List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 Image (int width=0, int height=0, BitmapFormat format=RGB, long bufferSize=0, unsigned char *data=NULL, bool deleteData=true)
virtual ~Image ()
int getWidth () const
int getHeight () const
BitmapFormat getFormat () const
long getBufferSize () const
long getBytesPerPixel () const
unsigned char * getData () const
long getImageId () const
void setHorizontalFlip (bool horizontalFlip)
void setVerticalFlip (bool verticalFlip)
bool getHorizontalFlip () const
bool getVerticalFlip () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void doUpdate ()
void flipImage (bool horizontal, bool vertical)

Protected Attributes

int width
int height
BitmapFormat format
long bufferSize
unsigned char * data
bool deleteData
bool horizontalFlip
bool verticalFlip
long imageId

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

amire::common::Image::Image int  width = 0,
int  height = 0,
BitmapFormat  format = RGB,
long  bufferSize = 0,
unsigned char *  data = NULL,
bool  deleteData = true

virtual amire::common::Image::~Image  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void amire::common::Image::doUpdate  )  [protected, virtual]

This method must be implemented by the derived implementation class to perform the update.

Implements amire::common::Updateable.

Reimplemented in amire::common::ARToolKitVideoImage.

void amire::common::Image::flipImage bool  horizontal,
bool  vertical

long amire::common::Image::getBufferSize  )  const [inline]

long amire::common::Image::getBytesPerPixel  )  const [inline]

unsigned char* amire::common::Image::getData  )  const [inline]

BitmapFormat amire::common::Image::getFormat  )  const [inline]

int amire::common::Image::getHeight  )  const [inline]

bool amire::common::Image::getHorizontalFlip  )  const [inline]

long amire::common::Image::getImageId  )  const [inline]

bool amire::common::Image::getVerticalFlip  )  const [inline]

int amire::common::Image::getWidth  )  const [inline]

void amire::common::Image::setHorizontalFlip bool  horizontalFlip  )  [inline]

void amire::common::Image::setVerticalFlip bool  verticalFlip  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

long amire::common::Image::bufferSize [protected]

unsigned char* amire::common::Image::data [protected]

bool amire::common::Image::deleteData [protected]

BitmapFormat amire::common::Image::format [protected]

int amire::common::Image::height [protected]

bool amire::common::Image::horizontalFlip [protected]

long amire::common::Image::imageId [protected]

bool amire::common::Image::verticalFlip [protected]

int amire::common::Image::width [protected]

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