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amire::component::DirectionPointerAction Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for amire::component::DirectionPointerAction:

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Public Member Functions

 DirectionPointerAction (const amire::common::Vector &pposition, const amire::common::Vector &pdirection, long pickingMode)
virtual ~DirectionPointerAction ()
const amire::common::VectorgetPosition () const
const amire::common::VectorgetDirection () const
long getPickingMode () const

Protected Attributes

amire::common::Vector position
amire::common::Vector direction
long pickingMode

Detailed Description

A DirectionPointerAction is produced by a 3D picking device, which points in a direction. It indicates the 3D position, direction and the picking mode bit-set (a bit-set of all picking modes that have been active as the pick has been performed).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

amire::component::DirectionPointerAction::DirectionPointerAction const amire::common::Vector pposition,
const amire::common::Vector pdirection,
long  pickingMode

virtual amire::component::DirectionPointerAction::~DirectionPointerAction  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

const amire::common::Vector& amire::component::DirectionPointerAction::getDirection  )  const [inline]

Returns the direction of the pick.

long amire::component::DirectionPointerAction::getPickingMode  )  const [inline]

Returns the bit-set of all picking modes that have been active as the pick has been performed

const amire::common::Vector& amire::component::DirectionPointerAction::getPosition  )  const [inline]

Returns the 3D pick position.

Member Data Documentation

amire::common::Vector amire::component::DirectionPointerAction::direction [protected]

long amire::component::DirectionPointerAction::pickingMode [protected]

amire::common::Vector amire::component::DirectionPointerAction::position [protected]

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