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amire::component::FrameworkComponent Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for amire::component::FrameworkComponent:

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Public Member Functions

 FrameworkComponent (ComponentManager *componentManager=NULL)
virtual ~FrameworkComponent ()
virtual osg::ref_ptr< ComponentnewInstance () const
virtual void configurationPropertyModified ()
virtual void functionalCallback (MREngine *engine)

Detailed Description

The FrameworkComponent provides the functionality to configure several application settings of the MREngine.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

amire::component::FrameworkComponent::FrameworkComponent ComponentManager componentManager = NULL  ) 

virtual amire::component::FrameworkComponent::~FrameworkComponent  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void amire::component::FrameworkComponent::configurationPropertyModified  )  [virtual]

The configurationPropertyModified method is an abstract method that must be implemented by the component implementation class. It is called each time when the configuration property is released, which implies the possibility of a modified configuration property.

Implements amire::component::Component.

virtual void amire::component::FrameworkComponent::functionalCallback MREngine engine  )  [virtual]

The functionalCallback method must be overwritten by the derived class and provide the functional or logical behaviour of the callback handler. A logical and functionality for example or the setting of a transformation matrix or scene graph at the MR engine for a specific component would be such a functionality. This callback should be used to integrate the functional behaviour into a component. An assert exception should be thrown in any failure case.

Reimplemented from amire::component::Component.

virtual osg::ref_ptr<Component> amire::component::FrameworkComponent::newInstance  )  const [virtual]

The newInstance() method must be implemented by a component. It must return a new instance of the component. It must not clone the configuration.

Reimplemented from amire::component::Component.

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