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amire::component::SlotExport Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for amire::component::SlotExport:

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~SlotExport ()
virtual void emitted (const osg::ref_ptr< const Component > &component, int outSlotId, const osg::ref_ptr< const amire::property::Property > &property)
osg::ref_ptr< const ComponentgetComponent () const
const std::string & getInternSlotName () const
const std::string & getExternSlotName () const
bool isOutSlot () const
bool equals (const osg::ref_ptr< SlotExport > &export)

Detailed Description

The SlotExport represents an exported slot. It stores the internal and external slot name and ids. Further, it provides information about the slot kind (in- or out-slot).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual amire::component::SlotExport::~SlotExport  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void amire::component::SlotExport::emitted const osg::ref_ptr< const Component > &  component,
int  outSlotId,
const osg::ref_ptr< const amire::property::Property > &  property

This method is called by the component when a property is emitted on an out-slot.

Implements amire::component::EmissionListener.

bool amire::component::SlotExport::equals const osg::ref_ptr< SlotExport > &  export  ) 

Compares this slot export with the given one and returns true, if they are equal. Otherwise, false is returned.

osg::ref_ptr<const Component> amire::component::SlotExport::getComponent  )  const

Returns the component which coresponds to the slot export.

const std::string& amire::component::SlotExport::getExternSlotName  )  const

Returns the external slot name of the slot export, which is used by other components that are on the same context level as the composed component.

const std::string& amire::component::SlotExport::getInternSlotName  )  const

Returns the internal slot name of the slot export, which is only valid for the component to which the slot belongs.

bool amire::component::SlotExport::isOutSlot  )  const

Returns true, if the exported slot is an out-slot. Otherwise, false is returned.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ComposedComponent [friend]

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