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amire::property::PersistentProperty Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for amire::property::PersistentProperty:

amire::property::Property amire::property::StructProperty amire::property::StructVectorProperty amire::property::TBaseProperty< type > amire::property::TBaseVectorProperty< type > List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 PersistentProperty (const PropertyTypeManager *propertyTypeManager, const osg::ref_ptr< const PropertyType > &propertyType)
virtual ~PersistentProperty ()
virtual void fromPersistentProperty (const osg::ref_ptr< const Property > &property)
virtual osg::ref_ptr< PropertytoPersistentProperty ()

Detailed Description

The class PersistentProperty is the abstract base class of all persistence able properties.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

amire::property::PersistentProperty::PersistentProperty const PropertyTypeManager propertyTypeManager,
const osg::ref_ptr< const PropertyType > &  propertyType

virtual amire::property::PersistentProperty::~PersistentProperty  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void amire::property::PersistentProperty::fromPersistentProperty const osg::ref_ptr< const Property > &  property  )  [virtual]

Initializes this property with the values of the given peristence able property. Both properties are NOT from the same type. Therefore, they are not equal after the initization. An exception is thrown in any failure case.

Implements amire::property::Property.

virtual osg::ref_ptr<Property> amire::property::PersistentProperty::toPersistentProperty  )  [virtual]

Returns a persistable representaion of this property as a persistent property. An exception is thrown in any failure case.

Implements amire::property::Property.

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