Wilhelm Burger
Chevrolet Impala 1972

A roomy car (the trunk would fit a regular matress) with a solid V-8 engine. I bought it on a stormy winter evening in 1985 from a farmer near Salt Lake City for 850 Dollars.

Richt: By the Great Salt Lake near Saltair with Jeff Yost and "Asshole" George (from Australia).

Driving down to California for Christmas (left). Back through Death Valley. Both engines would pink heavily at these high altitudes.
Through the mountains and plains of Nevada with "Scotch Willie" and his Buick LeSabre. Willie later found out that his Buick had been running on only seven cylinders for all the time he owned the car. (It ran beautifully after the 8th spark plug was finally connected also.)
Camping near the Grand Canyon.

Up in the mountains near Snowbird (Utah). Later, we drove the car through the continent to Minnesota, where its engine eventually started to burn oil. We left the car parked at the Minneapolis airport, where it was (hopefully) picked up by a friend to be used for crash racing. I am sure it passed aways in dignity.