Wilhelm Burger
My Beloved Vehicles

Find here some pictures, technical details and comments pertaining to some (most) of the motor vehicles I either own or used to own in the past. While I am not a car freak it is probably true that vehicles tell something about their owners. Unfortunately, I acquired most of my own vehicles by accident or out of need and never really had much choice. Nevertheless, people usually develop some emotional relationship with their mobile companions over time and this is my main motive for remembering them. The result is really a strange mixture of vehicles with very different characters (if any) ...

Steyr T84 Tractor (1956)
The General Problem Solver.

Volkswagen Beetle (1951)
The "Muscle Cat".
Cadillac Doupe de Ville (1970)
An easy chair from here to there...

Sunbeam 1500 (1970)
Solid and very unspectacular.
Austin Allegro 1500
"failed to improve upon the model it was intended to replace ..."

Chevrolet Impala
Made for the trans-continental ride.

Puch 150, 175, 250 motorcycles
Not as slow as they may look.
Yamaha 750 TX
Great looks but poor performance.
Suzuki GT 750
Amazing power combined with wicked handling.

Moto Guzzi California II (1976)
Simple and reliable, the ultimate cruiser.
Dream Cars
Fantastic vehicles that never made it into my garage.