Wilhelm Burger
Steyr T84 Tractor 1956

"Bruno" is a Steyr Type T84 Diesel tractor (usually called the "Steyr 18"), vintage 1956. A true classic and good example of solid post-war engineering. I "inherited" the tractor from my father in law who had used it for farm work and to haul his annual deputy of coal from the mines at nearby Ampflwang, where he had worked as a miner for many years.

The "Steyr 18"

Steyr is a long-standing Austrian manufacturer of automobiles, trucks, and tractors (among other things). The Steyr Model 18 tractor was one model in a series of post-war designs that started with the Steyr Model 15 (the numbers 15 and 18 stand for their horsepowers). They came in numerous versions to address the different needs of the alpine farming community.

This model has a 1300cc 1-cylinder Diesel 4-stroke engine with electric starter, which is supported by a simple decompressor that lifts the exhaust valve during the starting process. This engine idles great down to about 2 revolutions per second (= 120 RPM), giving this machine's heartbeat an almost human touch. At the same time there was also a 2-cylinder model (Steyr 30) with twice the horsepower (imagine!). It looks spectacular, hope to find a good one some day.

Many of these old Steyr tractors are still in everyday use on many, even large Austrian farms today. Spare parts are still available, although seldomly needed. A great example of Austrian engineering and real ''recycling''. Today, many Steyr 18s are still running all over the world, according to comments from happy owners as far as Norway, Costa Rica, Canada, Israel and Turkey!

Handbuch: original owner's manual (PDF, 8.1 MB)

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