Wilhelm Burger
Volkswagen 1951

This 1951 Volkswagen was my first car which I bought from a friend's parents when I still had no driving license. It was rusty but otherwise was in good shape and ran well despite its 25 horsepower engine.

Back then these cars were considered junk but my plan was to rebuild it into something spectacular. I was not very successful due to my limited experience as a car mechanic but at least it kept me busy (and poisonous paints made me sick).
My younger brothers turned out to be of use for starting the car by pushing. Here they take a rest between two such attempts.

Orange was a popular color at the time so I decided to repaint the car, with poor results. Later my dad traded the car in for a new battery and it then spent many years in the basement of a local Volkswagen dealer. I have no idea if it was ever restored and driven again.