Wilhelm Burger
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ImageJ is a free image processing environment implemented in (pure) Java. Its functionality can be easily extended by writing plugins (Java classes). It also features a simple and easy-to-use macro language.


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ImageJ Plugins (Java Source)

  • MovieIO
    This small package for ImageJ can be used to read and write videos frame-by-frame under the control of a simple loop. No callbacks are used. The library is implemented in 2 versions, JMF and QuickTime, which can be used alternatively or together. Read more ...
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  • Export_EPS
    This ImageJ plugin exports the current image as an Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) file. It supports all ImageJ image types, including binary grayscale images, which are saved as 1-bit B/W bitmap files. Read more ...
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  • Redirect_System_Streams
    This small library facilitates the redirection of output to System.out and System.err to the ImageJ Log-console. Typically in ImageJ output sent to the standard system streams by calls such as System.out.println(...) are suppressed. Redirecting the standard output streams makes this output appear in ImageJ's log console, analogous to using the IJ.log() method. This is particularly useful for debugging imported code and for writing classes that are independent of ImageJ.
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