Wilhelm Burger
Personal Projects

This page shows fragments of some of my hobbyist projects. At younger age, when I was fascinated by chemistry (though endowed with a very superficial understanding only), I set up a small alchemist lab at our home where I pursued ridiculous experiments, mostly with household substances but also with stuff that was probably hazardous. It still amazes me how easy it was to purchase the various chemicals even for a high-school kid! Fortunately none of this was ever documented, except for the frequent (and quite popular) experiments with carbide gas in the late 1960s when this substance was still used as a mining lamp fuel (and perhaps for welding?) and was freely available at certain hardware stores... Unfortunately, I never got any deeper into chemistry although my fascination for this field did not fade ever since.

This page is still under construction and more material will be added continuously as it is recovered from my cluttered paper archives.

Early electronics projects  

PAL Color Video Generator – analog design [~1978]
This was an early assignment during my first job as an electronics engineer, shortly after finishing high school. The circuit (only the core part is shown here) was used to convert grayscale to pseudo-color video in real time for viewing medical ultrasound images. Note the extensive use of thermally coupled transistor pairs (and even quads) and the innovative application of CMOS circuitry for digital and analog switching. Although the resulting images did not contain any additional information, doctors seemed to like the color display and the unit became a popular (though pricy) add-on, at least for a short time.