Wilhelm Burger
Thesis Work

Subject: about thesis
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 08:59:06 PDT
From: "lotis..." <lotis...@hotmail.com>
To: wilbur@...



This is Lotis, a computer science and a graduating student from the Philippines. Sorry Sir, this was supposed to be my first letter but it happened that i got a wrong address and i put wilbur@fhs_hagenberg.ac.at which was wrong.

I just saw your website and read some info about you. After i read the info, the only thing that come to my mind is to ask you for help. Help on my thesis because up to now, i still don't have any idea what to pass. I also have a problem on our seminars which happened to be a requirement for us to pass. We're going to conduct a seminar.

Kindy help me Sir. Please respond.


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