Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Markus Pfaff

University of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria
Hardware / Software Systems Engineering

Hauptstr. 117
A-4232 Hagenberg/Austria/Europe
Tel.: +43-(0)7236-3888-2420
Fax.: +43-(0)7236-3888-2499
Email: markus.pfaff<at>fh-hagenberg.at

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Research Interests

Courses at Univ. of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria at Hagenberg

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Free Stuff

Tool Tips

Best practice and workaround tips for some of the software tools I use often. Most of them run in the Micrososoft Windows XP environment. These tools comprise software for VHDL based digital circuit design, like Mentor Graphics ModelSim or Leonardo as well as the more common applications like Corel Draw or Acrobat Professional for example.

No project without version control and multi developer support. CVS is the tool of choice at the moment, but it may be replaced by Subversion sometime.