Tips for Corel Draw 12 Users

Arrow Endpoints

Arrow endpoints don't have their endpoint on the arrow point making drawing aided by snap difficult.

Converting Multiple Files Automatically

Corel hides this builtin feature from the user. You will not find it in the normal menus, but have to add it as extra menu items via the options menu. Great addition for LaTeX users! Here's how to use that feature.

Rearranging a Set of Objects to the Grid

  1. Group the set of objects.
  2. Draw a rectangle large enough that it may contain the complete group and snap to an object hot spot you want to see on the grid in the end.
  3. Move the rectangle in units of the grid with cursor keys until the complete group is actually inside of the rectangle.
  4. Select the group and the rectangle and move it using the mouse. Choose the snap to grid option before.
  5. Delete the rectangle.

Centering Characters and Strings Inside of Objects

Convert to Curve before centering will leave the character actually in the center.