Emacs: Comfortable Editing (and much more!)

While the learning curve is steep...

Yes, you have to get accustomed to the way Emacs wants things to be done: Lot's of keyboard shortcuts and rare usage of the mouse, also graphical user interface elements are more or less avoided.

Learning Emacs is much like climbing a mountain (not a hill): Looking up when you stand at the foot of the hill may easily discourage you, because this mountain is really high! But with every step you make you get more and more trained on climbing. Every now and then you might take a look around and you are rewarded with an increasingly breathtaking view. All this makes you want to climb even higher.

After some years of climbing on and on you might realize that this mountain is so high, its top simply cannot be reached. But at that time this will not be discouraging at all. Even in the contrary it will be inspiring to work with a tool with no limits.

In the Beginning

Linux systems come with a complete Emacs distribution in most cases, which makes thing easy of course.

Windows is a little more complicated in this respect. You may use a search engine with the words "emacs for windows" to find up to date instructions on how to get Emacs working for you on the Windows platform.

Example Configuration

Stefan Reichör provides a fully loaded configuration file (.emacs) example on his Emacs pages. You can do about everything after completely installing this, but it's probably not the one you are looking for if you are searching for a light Emacs version which starts up in ms.

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