Version Control and Multi Developer Support


Subversion Project Home Page: Home of the complete Subversion project. An introduction on the system is contained in the book Version Control with Subversion. Look here for a Subversion reference card.

A nice GUI for Subversion on the Windows platform: TortoiseSvn.

Bored by GUIs? Stefan Reichör provides a much faster (because it's based on Emacs) method to handle versioning based on Subversion with his emacs mode psvn.

Making daily work (a lot!) more comfortable using a config (download an example) file:

The config file can be valid for a certain machine or for a certain user. Usually you'll prefer the latter situation. In that case save the file named config in the directory


On the german language version of Windows the environment variable %APPDATA% is usually set to

C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\HeinrichHeine.MY-DOMAIN\Anwendungsdaten

for the user HeinrichHeine who works in the domain MY-DOMAIN.

After the config file is brought in position you can keep the "Exclude/Ignore Pattern" line in the Settings... dialog of TortoiseSVN empty and fill up the corresponding line in the config file with your patterns instead.

From that moment on Subversion will also maintain keywords in your source code, i.e. the keywords are updated when a file is committed. Here's an example VHDL-code header with automatically introduced version information:

-- Title : Test
-- Project : FH-Hagenberg/HSSE, Set5 - Systementwurf im 5. Semester
-- Author : Copyright 2003-2005 - Markus Pfaff, Linz/Austria
-- $LastChangedDate: 2005-12-04 18:15:09 +0100 (So, 04 Dez 2005) $
-- $LastChangedRevision: 152 $
-- $LastChangedBy: pfaff $
-- $HeadURL: file:///C:/pfaff/rpySvn/rpySvnSet5/trunk/SvnExperimente/Test3.vhd $
-- UsrNames: pfaff - Markus Pfaff
-- Description:

If you need additional information or want to understand the example config file here's the section of the Subversion handbook you need.


Open Source Development with CVS aka The CVS Book

An introduction to CVS with lots of examples. Half of the book is dedicated to the working process found in open source projects with where CVS is the de facto standard for version management and the control of developer collaboration.


A GUI to ease using CVS on the Windows platform. Very good tool to begin with. Not much more than the Daily Use Guide will be needed to start out. Later on you might enhance your toolset with TortoiseCvs which converts the ordinary Windows Explorer into a CVS GUI.

Using CVS via ssh server for the first time can be a real adventure if you start out on your own. This CVS-SSH-Companion (by Manuel Lauss, HSSE Jg00) makes things a lot easier.

CVS Best Practice

A collection of tips for usage of CVS in a professional manner. Very helpful if you want to find out what a certain feature of CVS might be useful for in practice.

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